Underpaid and Unpaid in the Construction Industry

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The construction industry is rife with underpayments and nonpayments of its employees, which both employers and employees are all too often unaware of. And even though construction companies and major home builder may be willfully ignorant to their payment obligations (or improperly failing to act upon their pre-existing knowledge), legal and/or statutory requirements cannot be circumvented and those payments are due to the employee. Naturally, the challenge is forcing those employers to fulfill their legal obligations and correct their underpayments and nonpayments.

Corporate executives of larger construction companies and home builders have a significant financial interest in suppressing analysis of their employee payment practices and the all too frequent inaccuracies in their employee wage payments. Most employers believe their employees are being paid more than enough and are not actively looking at how they might be underpaying or otherwise failing to adequately pay their employees, especially where it could trigger even greater retroactive payment obligations to both current and former employees. Instead, most employers are content in simply paying their employees what they have always been paying them, especially where no one has raised any concerns as to underpayments or non-payments.

Meanwhile, from the perspective of a long-serving construction employee, the only time that you can realistically address these issues is when you are terminated from your current job. Challenging your employer's pay practices while you are working can all too easily result in you prematurely losing your job. So you are forced to wait until you end your employment with the construction company or home builder (although this doesn't necessarily mean that you must be terminated, in specific circumstances, should you voluntarily quit or resign, various underpayments and non-payments might be recoverable). The critical aspect is that you retain the appropriate legal counsel to pursue those outstanding underpayments and/or non-payments on your behalf.

At Neufeld Legal PC, we understand underpayments and non-payments in the construction and home building industries, and where identified, can pursue them on behalf of employees who have been fired/terminated, as well as those who have quit/resigned. As such, if you were a long-serving construction employee who is seeking legal advice and representation as to what you might be legally owed by your former employer, do not hesitate to contact myself at Chris@NeufeldLegal.com or call 403-400-4092.

Fired Construction Employee: Termination & Severance Pay

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