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The first reaction that most construction employees have when they are released from their long-term employment with a larger construction company or home builder is why are they receiving no termination payment outside of their final regular pay check. After years of hard working service to that same construction company, they are let go without a second thought. It can be extremely frustrating, especially after you consider what other fired construction employees have said and what you read on the Internet - that construction employees are not entitled to termination pay because of a specific exclusion in provinical employment standards regulations. Typically, that is the end of their inquiry and if a lawyer is consulted, they will generally confirm the specifics of the provincial statutory exclusion for termination pay and the difficulty and cost associated with pursuing a legal claim for severance pay.

Don't fall for this misperception that larger construction companies and their lawyers want their former employees to believe. Most long-serving construction employees should not be accepting just their final regular paycheck when they are permanently laid off, fired, terminated or otherwise dismissed from their job, but instead need to speak with the appropriate construction employee lawyer. Although the process might be complex and complicated, with considerable opposition anticipated from the former employer and its legal counsel, most long-serving construction employees who were terminated without cause have a strong legal case for a significant payment from their former employer. The key is implementing an effective strategy to counter the strong opposition that will be brought initially by larger construction companies and their legal counsel.

At Neufeld Legal PC, we not only understand where to find the money that is owing to former construction employees, but also how to pursue it in the face of the harsh opposition of the construction companies. Given how much money is at issue, construction companies and their senior executives need to see the value associated with dealing with you and your legal counsel, and paying you what you are entitled to. And that is our objective goal, with a highly particularized legal strategy aimed at getting long-serving construction employees who have been recently terminated from larger construction companies the optimal monetary payout.

This is also being undertaken in part through our class action litigation against major Canadian construction companies, including Lafarge Canada and Clark Builders, due to an array of purported employee payroll violations. As such, we have already intitiated court proceedings against these two major construction companies, aimed at correcting significant underpayments incurred by both current and former employees of these companies. However, it is anticipated that these employers will attempt to exclude as many employees as possible, although we will being vigorously countering any such effort where we have the legal or factual means to make such an argument. And for that reason, together with other reasons, there is mutual benefit in your providing us with such information confidentially and with the legal safeguards that exist against its disclosure to your employer.

So if you're a recently terminated, long-serving construction employee looking for a lawyer to provide a specialized approach to reviewing and potentially pursuing an appropriate pay-out from your former construction employer, or you are a current or past employee of either Lafarge Canada or Clark Builders, do not hesitate to contact construction employee lawyer Christopher Neufeld in strict confidence at either telephone number 403-400-4092 or by email at

Fired Construction Employee: Termination & Severance Pay

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